Wednesday, 7 May 2008

SF at the Movies - May 08

OK we're rapidly making our way into May so I thought I'd quickly point out and Sci-Fi related cinema releases coming out this month - please feel free to point out any I've missed. The titles link to the trailers at Apple, if available.

Iron Man

Released: 01/05/08

The first production from "Marvel Studios" has been a big hit and is a great rendition of a favourite superhero and looks to spearhead their new take on movie productions of their comic book heroes with a redesigned "Incredible Hulk" to follow soon. The film centres around Tony Stark a weapons engineer who comes face to face with the terrorists who have aquired his weapons. He quickly designs a suit of armour with multiple abilities and sets out to protect those he put in harm's way...becoming Iron Man. Great Movie - stick around after the credits!!!

Speed Racer

Released 09/05/08

The new production from Matrix creators the Wachowski Brothers is a reimagining of a classic cartoon series. Set in the future where the tracks weave above and around buildings and through psychadelic worlds this looks set to be a visual delight. The film is set around "Speed" who is determined to race without being controlled by the corporation behind the races, who of course don't take too kindly to such a thing.

Doomsday - released 09/05/08

I don't know much about this one other than it's a post apocalyptic story set in Britain when a deadly virus plagued the northern parts of the isle calling for Scotland to be sealed off with a barrier that effectively recreates Hadrian's Wall. But when the virus strikes again in London a team are sent over the wall into wild territory controlled by the survivors in order to find a cure.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Released 22/05/08

Maybe not strictly Sci-Fi, but I doubt there'll be many Sci-Fi fans able to miss this one. The intrepid adventurer returns, having matured a little bit but just as ready for adventure and willing to do anything to prevent a powerful aretefact from falling into enemy hands. I could probably find out more, but me, I'm happy to be surprised.

And that looks like it might be it for this month, though there's a slew of releases coming in June and July also. I think I'll just point out that the second Narnia story Prince Caspian is also released this month.

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