Saturday, 10 May 2008

The Matrix Online: Chapter 1, part 2

A short reprieve was earned after the impostors were defeated but peace is a hard thing to maintain. This time it was not a unified assault but a combination of factors and individuals that created the event known as "Nightfall." Most of these events occured simultaneously so I will discuss each factor seperately.

Firstly the Red Eyed Agents as they became known (LED Agents to some) were still present, though conducting more subtle operations such as sabotaging Hardlines and sowing dissent, more terrorists than an invading army. Though hidden they were still a large presence and operatives from all organization regularly got calls to deal with them. Gradually a bit more information became known, documents were found referring to "disguises" and a superior identified as "The General." But they remained both a hazard and a mystery.

[The next section refers to information found in cinematics. I've embeded the cinematic for this chapter here, but you can download and watch it in higher quality at MXOStory and also HERE on the Matrix Online forums where you can find much more information.]

Having led the efforts to claim Neo's RSI, Morpheus pushed his campaign further. Consulting the Oracle he began to demand that the Machines return Neo's body, if he even were dead. The Machines declined so Morpheus took drastic action. He set off "code bombs" around the city which when set off pealed back the Matrix to reveal the code beneath also attaching a code glitch to any redpill nearby. These were designed to forcefully awaken humans, thus straining the system and forcing the Machines to comply. The Machines hunted Morpheus, but he had long been adept at evading them. Zion reluctantly had to oppose Morpheus to maintain the truce and pleaded with their operatives to stop the bombings.

But an even bigger problem emerged as Lupine (Werewolves) and Blood Drinker programs emerged in large masses attacking redpills and demanding justice, though the humans didn't know what they meant. It turned out that two prominent members of their "races" had gone missing and the redpills were being blamed for this. The death toll rose as the redpills tried to discover what was going on. To add to the chaos another leader, Invalesco was making his own plans, involving the humans. Offering them immortality in exchange for loyalty to him they would try to seize the Matrix itself!!

Things changed again when Lupine leader Ookami (above) and Blood Drinker leader Malphas emerged from hiding. They had not, it seemed, been captured but were hiding from the Merovingian. With their troops already on the warpath they called for a rebellion against the Merovingian, who thought himself master of all programs, and they asked the humans for aid. Rising up against their former master they had some success, but someone got in the way.

Invalesco kick-started his plan for supremacy. He invited humans to come to him and be changed into vampire kind, losing their bodies in the real, but living forever in the Matrix. But his plan was stopped by his brother, Feronus, who lead an attack on the rogue leader. Suffering multiple wounds including several near fatal wooden stake attacks he fled and became the target of a great hunt. A trail was followed to outside the Matrix where he was finally staked and killed in a hidden fortress.

This victory was short lived as the Merovingian used the distraction to seize control of the rebellious forces and revealing some of his true power over code to execute many of the key leaders in the rebellion. After a time in the Merovingian's dungeon Ookami and Malphas were dragged back into forced service for the Frenchman - Nightfall was over.

Ookami and Malphas currently serve as heads of their program groups within the Merovingian's forces, roles they seem to have accepted...for the time being at least.

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