Friday, 9 May 2008

Sam Li's Power Trip follow on thing thats not related to Heroes 2.1 - Completely Messed up personas (or Number one, as it's my first one)

I think I shall knight myself Sir Sam Li, Introductor of The Ultimates To the Un-Educated.
Following on from figgy's split personas feature, heres two fictional characters with odder than normal personas.

1. Ultimate Moon Knight
This guy has split personalities, which means he's more than one superhero. There's the obvious moon knight, but on other days he's Ronin. Along with these, there's the normal Marc Spector and a elevn year old girl, all of whom converse inside his head. Fun.

2. Hybrid
This is Venom's "third" child. He produced four more symbiotes (aside from Carnage and Toxin) all four of whom bonded onto one guy.
I like this character because of two reasons. One, four symbiotes leads to some very cool powers, two there's an interesting drama behind all the super villan bashing. In most issues, it's the symbiotes who hold the host back after beating up that week's supervillan. All four of these symbiotes constantly argue and take turns to do stuff, eg. beat up that weeks' supervillan.

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